Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing catch up!

Here are some things I need to get done asap, or I'm definitely going to regret it soon!
- Career related surveys
- INSEAD updates from the Dean (helps give perspective on the school and what's going on outside)
- Read up on more career related things - the upcoming ones
- Look over the prereading & business foundations to unconfuse myself
- Last minute house-related purchases, mainly say snacks for when I'm in class
- Health Insurance (just finished)
- Home/Property Insurance

Oh and emails. My apologies to anyone I have not replied to yet!

Orientation was great - very self explanatory and after having been here for a week I already feel quite comfortable getting around campus. Not too worried. Just had to turn in some forms. Even had time to run to the gym! Once again, the food at the cafeteria is quite good. I KEEP forgetting about the grille section and halfway through my walk out, I realize, "oh shucks i could've/should've..."

Time to go play some catch up!

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