Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soul to Seoul (Leaving Chicago)

After 5 years with eLoyalty (i.e. first real-world job), it isn't all that strange to accept how difficult it was to turn in my laptop/keycard/etc... and walk out the front door of the building. It was hard not to look back, which I did, paused, said a few words of prayer/best wishes, and then trekked on.

The last meal in Chicago with close friends was a perfect way to start my journey. We picked an awesome Burger joint in Andersonville (sp?), enjoyed a couple of hot drinks (and one fruity-tootie) and head off to O'Hare (not using Foster as some amateurs might suggest).

312 215 5047 was disconnected at precisely 00:24 on December 11th while I was in mid-conversation with my brother and that's when the reality of the severance set in! SIM card not authorized - I couldn't independently contact anyone!

ANYhow, flight was good all in all - I wanted to stay awake as long as it was daytime in Asia (where I'm currently headed)... my wish was more than fulfilled. Shortly after boarding, my eyes started drooping. It was a constant battle to try to keep them awake and then food was about to be served. Great - trying to fight sleep on a full stomach is like listening to Michael Jackson's Billy Jean without grooving to the (awesome) beats.

Speaking of - I left my iPod in my friend's kitchen in Chicago... le.sigh.

Back to the flight. So I'm sitting there expecting the inevitable when the stewardess spills hot soup along the side of my leg... my wish was fulfilled. I was bright awake.

And I'm not sure how/why the next thing happened, but by some sick twist or someone's idea of a joke, the same stewardess (approximately 20 mins later) spilled freezing cold water on me while trying to assist me in cleaning up the mess. I was awake for the next several hours! Not too many great movies, but it is what it is...

Reminds me of something a friend/coworker told me recently: Love the trip because it is your trip. No matter what good or bad happens - lengthy layovers or delayed flights... spilled soup. It is your trip. And that makes it great, so embrace it, love it, and live it.

So here I am. 12hr layover in Seoul. At an internet lounge where the computers automatically reboot every 30 minutes to ensure that no patron is unfair to others waiting in line... except... that... it... is... 6:30am and the aforementioned line is non-existant.

BUT I'm loving it. Time to bust out the guitar and make some money!

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