Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have a Happy Holiday!

Seriously - HAVE a happy holiday. I'm advising you (not wishing you :)

I'm sitting at the RIU Maya Palace Riviera Hotel in Playa Del Carmen - Mehico, sipping a cerveza.
And something I did want to say, early on, is that as soon as you decide you want to go to school (any graduate program) it is really helpful/healthy/important to take at least 1 month off prior to the start of the program (especially INSEAD where you have about 5 days off every couple of months) - recharge your batteries. Meet your friends. Do something ridiculous and fun (but not too new since the idea is to relax).

I got into this hotel last night, grabbed a bite and then went out with friends - we were hosting pseudo-bachelor/bachelorette parties for the bride & groom so needless to say I hit the sack around 2AM.
Got up bright and early - 7AM and with my roommate and newfound friend went to SCUBA dive in the Cenotes. Basically drove into a jungle and, in a hole in the ground that has been built after years of amazing geological phenomemna, jumped in to experience the wonder of caves/caverns. Surfaced in a bat cave in one of the dives which is like entering an old attic but with limestone and... ok I'm partially uneducated in the appropriate terminology (and trying to recollect what my divemaster told me in his heavy italian accent), but more than that, I'm speechless. I don't want to ruin the experience for you, so I'll just say this - check out Dos Ojos if you're ever in Mexico (google it).

Cenotes, as my divemaster explained to me, were created by heating and cooling of the earth over millions of years which results in flooding and drying of land masses, which, because of the space and time associated, involves quite a bit of erosion and hence creates these amazing tunnels - partially filled with water...

OK rehearsal dinner time, but more on this later!

and the typical feet-in-front-of-ocean picture :)

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