Sunday, May 1, 2011


Always happens. Every term. There's a freakout mode. Facebook, for example, is crowded with the same variations of the same complaints of the same classes. And you ask yourself, why the heck didn't you work harder, study harder, read more, and so on... during the semester. The honest truth - because there are constant trade-offs. You read the extra stuff for one class, you can't for the other. You want to go to a networking cocktail to meet a prospective/future employer, you can't finish some other homework.

And so the story goes... pa-parara-pa... :)

However, I have recently received some nudges (or complaints to be really straightforward :P and take acknowledgment of not fulfilling some promises, so here goes!)

Haven't had a chance to properly update these pics and so on, so I apologize for any randoms that aren't focused and/or double shots and so on...

Luxembourg & Berlin (March 10th - 13th)
Istanbul (March 19th - 21st)
Amsterdam & Lille (April 2nd-4th)

Boo yah! Hope you enjoy :)

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