Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish you were here!

These drives are amazing. I will (promise) upload pics shortly. Internet here sucks. But definitely on the drive over here I keep thinking about random sights and sounds here that I would love to share with you - and I actually do know who you are and who I would want to be here so it is not entirely a blanket/mass message here folks!

Some are really suitable to the artistic eye, while others are for the more cynical of heart. Yet others with the comical or vdo game references and of course the motherly touches and the childlike awe.

Driving through the roads and highways you think and feel like everything looks the same (when you're on a road) and then you turn for a few seconds (keeping your eye on the road as a priority) and notice the countryside.

Then you start to miss one another. And I do miss you!

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