Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time Zones~

I just realized that these are the following time zones I need to keep track of (so if I miss dates/days or specific times, I apologize ahead of time)!!!

Bangkok +6
India +4.5
Dubai +3
Iraq +2
France =0
UK -1
New York/Michigan -6
Chicago/Iowa/Nebraska -7
California -5

As some of my housemates might say - what the foil?

Anyhow, that is pretty crazy. I wonder if Skype is truly the only/best way to communicate or not. By the way, I'm on Skype as cybermonk2001 in case you use it! We can talk :)

Today is bidding for Campus Exchange. I've decided after lots of discussions with family & friends, to really maximize the INSEAD experience and stay in France/Singapore for the entire term instead of possibly doing an exchange with Wharton.

Exams in 2 weeks. A short break. And then back into the madness!

And apparently P2 is supposed to be even more interesting!

On a side note - just received emails from people about housing, banking, transportation, and other such queries around Fontainebleau. I can't BELIEVE there's already another class of students getting ready to join us! Where is the time going?

Too many exclamation points in this here post, so I think that is a sign.

Two. Dulz.


  1. Dear Vivek,
    I am out of breath because I have just read all (I mean ALL) your blogs just now. You seem to be having a great time even though it seems like you do not have time to even scratch yourself. We (Sachi and I) have just gotten back from India after a wonderful trip. The boys are doing well - I am sure you know more about them than I do!! Give my love to Himani. Send me some pictures of your Roka ceremony if you ever have spare time inbetween the 5 tasks you are hoping to complete about 80%. Have you learnt some french? OK will keep up with your blogs now. Lots of love...Ambi Badoma

  2. Hey Vivek,

    As always, I enjoyed all the posts for February. I usually read them once a month (if not more often).

    I was just looking over the time difference chart you put there and was wondering why you said CA is -5 hours when NY is -6 (LOL!). CA is actually -9 hrs from your time.

    Sandeep and I wish you all the very best for your upcoming exams. Stop partying and STUDY :-)


    Seema apa