Monday, February 28, 2011

Bollywood Blast at Bill'Art!

So last night was the "last night" of parties at INSEAD for the next 2 weeks. The reason, obviously, is because we have Period 1 Exams coming up.

Uncertainty, Data, & Judgement
Prices & Markets
Organisational Behaviour (like the spelling ;)
Financial Market Valuation
Financial Accounting

And that is about it, thankfully. We're back to back Monday - Wednesday. Should be fun. So the campus has pretty much shutdown. The P3s (our seniors) have already left campus for their break so we've got all the study space to ourselves. Very smart, INSEAD. I like your foresight. Two points.

Anyhow, in preparation for said shutdown, we decided to throw a Bollywood-themed party and what a night it was! At first it was just going to be a DJ playing some Bollywood numbers. Somehow, we got talking and decided that any Bollywood themed party needed to have a choreographed number and so yours-truly got somehow recruited to help choreograph said-number.

1hr. 2:30 min dance. Beedi. Ready, Set, Go!

It was a BLAST. We had an Asian American step in to the number (and she outdid most of the Desi Girls!) - we've petitioned that she gets a PIO card or some such attestation :)

The turnout was great and what's even greater was that lots of non-Indians were dressed in quite traditional clothing - Salwars, Sarees, etc... A night full of great colors and combinations! Only issue was that one of the sets of speakers kept fuzzing around and we're not sure why the owner of the bar wouldn't turn up the music. It is hard to dance when your singing-along-with-a-song is louder than the song itself!

Got home around 4:23 and have been spending all of today working... because that is just about what is going to be needed from here on until March 9th!

My apologies if I disappear, but I will try to stay true to the once-a-week posts!

Much love... and pics from the Bollywood party might make their way here (I'm not too good with uploading pics with posts since I write them on Sunday nights just before hitting the hay and going through folders to find pictures hits the backburner pretty quickly! :)

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  1. Your chocolate milk craving made me miss 'Gol Guppas'. Do you know what they are? Ask a punjabi girl from your group. I hope you have some punjabis there. The party sounded great. You are having too much fun to be missing Chocolate milk.....Ambi.