Saturday, February 19, 2011


so here we go. the spice of INSEAD is back on the table. Just when I thought I had things figured out we had a little bit of a twist thrown in to z mix.

INSEAD has 2 campuses - one in France, where I'm at, and one in Singapore, where I hope to be soon :)

INSEAD also has exchange programs with Kellogg and Wharton towards the end of the year where you  can take advantage of the on-campus recruiting facilities as well as the added benefit of being IN USA IN person during part of the recruiting cycle. Depending, of course, on where you want to end up in the future, you basically have to bid certain number of points for each of the periods for each of the locations.

P1 - Jan & Feb
P2 - Mar & Apr
P3 - May & Jun
Summer - Jul & Aug
P4 - Sept & Oct
P5 - Nov & Dec

And here I am. with a few points and a few ideas and absolutely no idea how the heck I'll be deciding and where to go when. Well, that's a lie. I know I want to head to Singapore and I am contemplating Wharton. Truth be told, however, there are certain areas I wish to work at/in which I know INSEAD specializes in, so going to Wharton might not be the best option.

Some say, Take advantage of the "REAL" INSEAD experience - i.e. Singapore & France while others remind me that Wharton & Kellogg are an added benefit and very much a part of the INSEAD experience. I just have to realize and decide what is the right experience for me and my long term goals. Of course, I have to also consult a few other people whose lives are directly impacted ;) but that goes without saying.

So I guess "we" have to decide now. And when I say now, I actually mean now. I have a few days before I bid, and then that's that!

End of the day, I'm excited for yet another piece of the INSEAD puzzle.
It'll be crazy.
It is filled with uncertainty.
But I know I've got to figure this out soon, so here goes!

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