Sunday, April 17, 2011

Model United Nations

Loving my time here at INSEAD. As you obviously know.

And one thing that was recently brought to my attention, once again, was the diversity of the population in dealing with ethical issues.

This was a story I was often told when I was first applying to INSEAD and I can tell you now it is quite true. A certain nationality turns to the class and starts a story, "As we were deciding on budgets for the fiscal year, we had to allocate at least 20,000 to operational expenses." Which insights a question, "Why can't you just reallocate that or thin some of the fat?" To which a student basically replies, "Because it is the cost of doing business in XYZ."

And then there's a moment that passes as the recognition sets in. The cost of doing business is essentially to grease the wheels.

Now before you start your holier-than-thou JUST take a minute and ask yourself a few questions... what is compensation really? What is a bonus? What are bonuses attached to "performance" and what kind of behaviors do they insight?

Oh, sorry, Behaviours. I need to keep a check on that.

My point exactly. You can spell it differently, but it is still the same thing.


Anyhow, a thought I wanted to share that sent the class into a spin and made me think about my passion for Model United Nations. Somehow that passion had resurfaced when I started the b-school applications and HERE I am - in what I would argue is probably the most diverse place I will ever be in for the rest of my life.

And assimilate I will!

What? I'm in France. I need to eat desserts to assimilate!

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