Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy Rakhi to my sisters!

I feel blessed to receive these rakhis year after year, from sisters spread across the globe - I kid you not! Boston, Delhi, Dehradun, Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto, Singapore... all sending their love & best wishes.

First off, I did not receive any of the rakhis on the actual day because I was traveling. So my apologies to you! But then when I did get back from work and came into the office, I had notes from the receptionist, which I thought had to do with something completely different so after a day or so of just meetings & catch up I finally got a chance to see what these notes were - lo & behold they were rakhis! From all over the place! (Granted a couple of them are still in the mail) But I do think that the rest of them all made it here on time and right on the dot!

So I wanted to take a moment to give my gracious thanks, love, and Pranams to my sisters scattered across the globe who not only remembered this auspicious day for the last 28 years (pretty sure they were tied on my hand before I was able to formulate coherent memories), but also went out and purchased really unique rakhis for me!

Happiest of Happy Rakhshabandans to you! You really made it an amazingly auspicious day. I hope to see you all sometime soon...

P.S. I was glowing!

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